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Working With A Real Estate Agent

Tips For Keeping Your Apartment's Carpets Pristine With Pets

by Natalie Jensen

After a lot of time spent searching, you've finally found that pet-friendly apartment from a company like Universal Realty Group you've been dreaming of. And look – it even has brand-new carpet! But brand-new carpet can easily become not-so-brand-new after a pet or two has had their way with it. Dirt stains, shedding and the occasional accident can leave your carpet looking worse for the wear.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can keep your apartment's carpet in pristine shape, even with Fido and Fifi around. All you have to do is follow the recommendations below:

Always Vacuum, Always

This is perhaps the most important piece of advice you'll get when it comes to keeping a clean apartment with pets. Pets love to shed their hair – not that they can help it. Once it gets tangled up in the carpets, the oils within can easily attract dirt and a host of other bad stuff to the underlying fabric.

Investing in a powerful vacuum that's specifically designed to deal with pet hair should be first and foremost on your cleaning agenda. These vacuums can get a bit pricey, especially for bagless models using advanced vortex technology, but it's something that can easily pay for itself in the long run.

If your pet happens to be a heavy shedder, you might find yourself vacuuming on a daily basis. Otherwise, you can give your carpets a thorough once-through on a twice-weekly basis.

Avoiding Accidents

Toilet training your pet indoors can help put the kibosh on frequent accidents, especially when you're not able to immediately take them outdoors so they can handle their business. Experts recommend starting off with an ample amount of "training space" set aside in a quiet corner lined with training pads, preferably away from your pet's sleeping and eating area. Just keep in mind that training both indoors and outdoors can be confusing for most pets, so you should stick with either one or the other.

Clean-Up Solutions

But when accidents do happen (and they will happen sooner or later), you'll want to be prepared to take care of them ASAP. Here are a couple of cleaning ideas you can put to good use in combatting pet stains and odors:

  • If you hate using harsh chemicals to clean up pet urine stains, you can always try a biodegradable, non-toxic enzyme cleaner to help remove stains. The enzymes work naturally to help break up stains and odors without harming the carpet itself. Keep in mind that it may take a little longer than expected for enzyme cleaners to work through the stain.
  • Vinegar and baking soda also proves effective when it comes to eliminating stains and odors, especially when it's mixed together with a little warm water inside of a convenient spray bottle. Spray the solution and let it sit on the stain for a few minutes, then carefully rub and blot it out with a small cloth.

Just remember to test your solution in an inconspicuous spot for colorfastness before you start cleaning.

Clean Pets Equal Clean Carpets

In the end, keeping your pets clean and well-groomed can do wonders for maintaining your apartment's pristine carpet. Not only should you bathe your pets on a regular basis, but you should also make a habit of gently wiping their paws whenever they come in from outdoors. This can help reduce the amount of dirt they'll inevitably track in.

Regularly brushing and combing your pet's coat helps remove all of the dirt, skin flakes and dead hair that would otherwise get all over your carpets and furniture. It also has the wonderful side benefit of keeping its coat spectacularly lustrous and healthy.