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Working With A Real Estate Agent

How To Keep A Disgruntled Ex-Employee Out Of Your Holiday Party

by Natalie Jensen

The holidays are here and you're ready to host the annual office party for your employees. The only thing stopping you is a disgruntled ex-employee who just won't stay away. You can postpone the festivities until next year, or you can hire a mobile security team to keep your staff safe. In addition, you can take other precautions to keep the ex-employee out of your building. Here's what you do:

Hire Your Mobile Security Team

Your team of security guards have the training to spot and report any suspicious actions going on around your building to the proper authorities. For example, they may look out for people who loiter in the parking lot or hang out in the back of your building without the proper employee identification badges. However, the guards won't interact with or confront the ex-employee unless they absolutely can't avoid it. This is a safety protocol set up to prevent injuries to you, your staff, and the guards if the ex-employee turns violent.

If the disgruntled ex-employee does approach the building or guards, the mobile team will attempt to de-escalate the problem right away, or they may attempt to redirect the ex-employee. For instance, the guards may:

  • Reveal who they are and their reasons for being on your property
  • Tell the perpetrator that they will call the local authorities to report a trespasser if he or she doesn't vacate the premises immediately
  • Report the trespasser to you, so that you can contact your attorney and take the appropriate actions, such as getting a restraining order from the court

The ex-employee may leave to avoid any further conflicts. To ensure that the ex-employee leaves in peace and stays gone, the mobile team may drive around the parking lot and building. It allows the security team to look out for the ex-employee from the safety of their vehicles. 

If the ex-employee doesn't leave, the mobile team will call in law enforcement and let the officers handle the situation. In any case, the ex-staff member won't bother you or your employees.You can also make your building safe by assigning safety-check duties to your employees.

Assign Safety-Check Duties to Your Employees

Although the security team will protect you and your employees, you can assign safety-check duties to teams of two or four employees. These duties include checking the exits and entrances of the building for any suspicious behavior, such as someone standing on the outside of the doors and staring into the building. If there's any indication that someone is outside, you can alert the guards. You should warn your safety-check teams to avoid approaching or standing directly in front of any glass windows or doors. It protects your employees from injuries in case the visitor has any firearms and weapons on him or her.

In addition to assigning safety checks, be sure to have employees move about the building in teams. For example, tell your employees to have someone come with them when they need to use the restroom, as well as leave in groups when exiting the party and building. There have been numerous cases involving disgruntled employees who hurt their former employers and co-workers on company property. Keeping your employees safe is a priority you can't ignore.

Safety Tips

You may be able to spot a potentially dangerous ex-employee by the way he or she acts, dresses and behaves after you fire him or her. For example, you can:

  • Examine the person's appearance: A fired or discharged employee may forego general acts of hygiene, such as bathing, brushing his or her hair, or wearing clean clothing. 
  • Listen out for outbursts of anger and threats: The ex-worker may come back to the building and make verbal threats toward you or your staff. Report this immediately to the local authorities.
  • Look out for someone following you before and after work: The ex-employee may choose to frighten you by following you around town. The person may also sit outside your house or company in a car you don't recognize. You should report any signs of stalking to law enforcement and your attorney.

You can also keep note of any employees who exhibit odd behavior at work, such as yelling at other employees or becoming extremely angry over the loss of a promotion. If necessary, try to get these employees workplace counseling to help avoid potential dangers to you and your staff in the future.

If you need additional information on how to keep your holiday office party safe, contact some security companies in your area for advice and services. The security team may offer ongoing protection for your company as well.